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autumn daughters. by danydiniz

First off, this will be my first time critiquing outside of my art classes so I'll be critiquing the way I was taught. I hope you don't mind lengthy critiques, danydiniz. And I honestly think the stars don't mean quite much when it comes to actual critiquing but I'll fill them in anyway.

You use an array of colors on the left side ranging from warm colors to cool colors.
On the right side, you mainly use a range of browns and greens.
A few of these dresses look exotic while the others look very elegant.
Each dress varies greatly in detail and design.

Line: You used a variety of lines, ranging from curved to straight, and have used them repetitively to add more depth and detail to each of your dresses. You didn’t put emphasis on one line alone, which is good, because the lines work well together like that for these dresses.

Shape: This piece is dominated by freeform shapes and upon closer inspection; the viewer can see all the small details like all the circles you’ve put in to make these dresses stand out more.

Form: You’ve added depth to these dresses by using varying shades of colors to make them look more three-dimensional.

Texture: This is a major element in these dresses. From the way you used various lines, some of these dresses look like they were made of soft material, like the bottom part of the dress for ‘Native American’. It seems like I can just run my fingers through it and it’d be soft to the touch. Other dresses, particularly the coat from ‘Wild Urban’, looks like it was made from fur. The head ornaments and jewelry look smooth and solid. Some of the shoes and purses/handbags look to be made of leather.

Value/Tone: The six dresses on the left uses a variety of colors whilst the six dresses on the right uses mainly varying shades of browns, greens and oranges. You used pure white to add highlights to things like jewelry and decorations for the dresses, shoes, head ornaments and stockings.

Color: You used both warm and cool colors for these dresses.

Balance: The image overall is balanced except for the dress ‘Wind Garden’. That dress is a lot brighter than the rest, mainly because you used just blue and white for it.

Rhythm & Movement: The details in the dresses and hair give movement to the image so it brings this to life.

Emphasis & Variety: You used a variety of lines as well as colors for each dress. To me, ‘Wind Garden’ seems to be the dress my eye goes to first because, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is the brightest dress out of all of them.

Harmony & Unity: Overall, all elements and principles work well with each other and are visually pleasing to the viewer’s eyes.

Basically all of these ladies seem to be heading out to a party of some sort or are strutting down the runway to pose their dresses. ‘Intellectual Vanity’, in particular, seems like the type of dress you would wear to a tango/salsa party.

Overall, while the idea of designing dresses for a season isn’t very original, the dresses themselves were very well crafted and are indeed original and unique in their own rights. These dresses are visually stunning and the colors, particularly for ‘Intellectual Vanity’, are amazingly vivid. Upon closer inspection, you can see all the detail and effort you put into these dresses, and anyone can see your love for fashion designing from these.

I’m going to say that the dress that absolutely stole my heart is ‘Intellectual Vanity’. I absolutely love the colors you used for this particular dress, especially the ruffles on the bottom. It makes it look like her dress is on fire and that is a wonderful way to showcase your talent for designing clothes.

Congratulations on the Daily Deviation. You definitely deserve it with these wonderful, eye-catching designs.
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danydiniz Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for this critique! Of course I don't mind constructive criticism, on the contrary, it is very appreciated. Thank you very much for studying my artwork and interpreting it so deeply! I am very glad to hear that you enjoyed my art! :heart:
You're very welcome! I had fun critiquing and I'm glad you don't mind the lengthiness of it :D
danydiniz Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course not! I am so glad to receive such a detailed critique! :hug:
Aha, I'm very glad then! :glomp:
Again, congratulations on the DD!
danydiniz Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you once again! :hug: :blowkiss:
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